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MX Merchant Account Features

A Suite of Applications

MX Merchant includes a suite of tools that go beyond the standard merchant account offerings. Besides our ability to integrate MX payment processing directly into your website, MX offers a cloud-based point-of-sale system with applications that can run on your computer, iPhone or iPad. The system includes inventory capabilities, online customer management and billing, an internet gateway, and more. Collectively these solutions work together with your cloud-based account to allow easy, centralized management of your customer and payment information.

Cloud Based

While you may accept orders on multiple devices including on an iPhone or iPad, on your computer in MX Merchant, through the email billing system, or orders that are placed on your website, payment and customer information is centralized in one place in your cloud-based MX merchant account.

Website Sales

We can directly tie your website into the MX Merchant system to enable website ordering of your products and services at these low processing rates. This is the lowest cost and best way you'll find to process online payments, and will save you significant amounts of money vs. other gateway services or payment providers such as PayPal.

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MX Features

Internet Gateway accept payments through your website directly through processor

Point-of-Sale iPOS app for computer, iPhone & iPad

Inventory support iPOS with introductory inventory capabilities has a capacity of up to 100 items

Email & Text Invoicing paperless invoicing with Click-2-Pay

Recurring Billing and PCI compliant vaulted cards for Recurring Charges

Web Terminal enter new transactions easily in the online MX system

Customer Information Management save and edit customer contact info

Lowest Fees save by processing charges at our low interchange-based rates

Online Reports easy online reporting

Save Even More no monthly statement fee, gateway fee, or PCI compliance fee if processing more than 10K / month*

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Low Interchange-Based Rates

Our low rates will save you money compared with other processors, especially payment services such as PayPal and aggregators such as Square and Stripe. We are pricing MX Merchant accounts at these low rates to benefit our customers and incorporate the MX product into our website commerce and marketing solutions.

Interchange + 0.20% + $0.10 - More info

No PCI, gateway, or statement fees for merchants with qualifying volume. A low monthly fee of $12 applies for merchants processing less than $10,000 / month (covers PCI, gateway & statement fee)

Card readers available for computers, iPads and iPhones

No hidden fees, no application fees, and no termination fees

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