ShopKeep POS with an Interchange-Plus Merchant Account.

ShopKeep POS / Point of Sale for iPad

ShopKeep POS is a great and popular Cloud based POS for the iPad. The ShopKeep POS is perfect for cafes, boutique stores, mobile operations, wine shops, coffee shops and other shops where a light & sleek POS is needed. Keeping the POS in the cloud allows you to access your data and run transactions from multiple devices, while taking the burden of support and upgrades off your hands.

ShopKeep allows you to choose your Merchant Account provider. We've affiliated with them to offer you the lowest rates on your ShopKeep transaction processing. You get access to all the features of our regular merchant account at low Interchange-Plus processing rates, and we'll integrate directly with your ShopKeep POS.

Apply for a Merchant Account with us, and signup for ShopKeep. When you signup for your ShopKeep account, be sure to indicate that you already have a merchant account. We'll follow up to link your merchant account with ShopKeep.

ShopKeep POS

ShopKeep POS iPad

ShopKeep POS with Low Cost Credit Card Processing
POS in the Cloud
Access data and process transaction from multiple devices
Get access to all the great features available with our credit card processing

Monthly Fee $11 (Covers PCI, Gateway & Statement Fees)

Interchange + 0.20% + $0.10

Save on nearly every transaction.

No Application Fee. No Minimums. No Termination Fee.

Get ShopKeep POS

Accept Credit Cards in the Cloud

If you or your sales people work on the road, MX Point of Sale is a truly mobile solution. Use the iPhone or iPad app to process sales from anywhere using your data plan, and you'll still have access to the same inventory data, reports and other features while on the road. With he Cloud-Based MX Merchant service, you can have access to your from multiple devices in multiple locations, with high levels of security built-in. View Merchant Account Plans and signup online - paperless and fax-free application.

Redwood Internet is a registered agent of Merchant Services Central & Priority Payment Systems, LLC.

Retail Tablet / iPhone POS

For counter sales, MX Point of Sale can run on your iPad and be bundled with a cash drawer, receipt printer, and barcode scanner. The fully integrated system allows you access to all your MX Merchant data. You can process transactions, manage inventory, access your customer database, run reports and more. MX Point of Sale includes features such as loyalty programs, customer database, custom receipts, email receipts or print receipts, couponing, real-time inventory and more.

Hardware bundles are available, with integrated equipment including a cash drawer, tablet stand, barcode reader, printers, and card swipe products for iPhone, iPad, and iPods.

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